Haikou Agriculture & Industry & Trade Luoniushan Co.,Ltd

  Established in 1993, Haikou Agriculture & Industry & Trade Luoniushan Co., Ltd. is the first stock corporation of Vegetable Basket Project in China. The company (stock name: Luoniushan; stock code:000735) was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1997. With more than 2500 workers and staff, the company has a registered asset of RMB 880 million yuan, and the total assets of RMB 2.347 billion yuan.
  Based on non-epidemic-stricken area in Hainan to serve whole country, and devoting major efforts to develop planting and breeding, the company has been developed into the biggest stockbreeding enterprise in Hainan with complete supporting facilities. The company was evaluated as the national market leader in agricultural industrialization. The company has established the largest "shopping basket program" base in Hainan Province, germchit breeding base, and agricultural and scientific demonstration base with livestock farming as its principal business and passed ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environment management system certification, qualification for non-polluted products and qualification for exporting to Hong Kong. The company can annually produce 60000 high-quality breeder pigs, 600000 high-quality commodity pigs, 5.6 million kilograms of eggs, 10 million pieces of Wenchang commodity eggs, 800000 sets of first generation Wenchang breeder chicken and 15 million pieces of Wenchang commodity breeder chickens.
  On the basis of the smooth and steady development of livestock farming as its principal business, the company is aggressive in expanding its business. It has successively set up industrial blocks of food processing, marketing & logistics, educational and scientific popularization and so forth. Now the company has owned joint meat-processing plant, large-scale flour mill, modernized wholesale market of farm and sideline products, quality-assured food chain stores, primary and secondary schools & vocational colleges as well as research institutes, and postdoctoral workstation, forming a pattern of one trade as the major developing business with multi-trades to be developed simultaneously.

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